For a B2B client, we wanted to reduce the cost per qualified lead.
The ticket size of the business and cost per acquisition were huge. Therefore, we are talking about very high-value leads.

The cost of qualified lead were increasing as the Google Adwords cost per click for the converting keywords was increasing and the competition was rising fast.

Our client approached us to find out an alternate ways to get qualified leads.

The technique we used for this hack could be a grey hat technique. It is not completely white-hat. But it got us results.


Here are a few numbers:

  • We emailed to 311 potential customers.
  • 45 companies interacted on the email.
  • 12 companies showed interest and our client built good relations with them. All of them are potential customers.
  • 1 company started to work with our client.

This looks really easy but it is not. Our client’s years of learnings and experience played a big role in this success.

The Email Marketing Hack in 4 Steps:

  • Identify: Our client helped us to identify and understand the right customers for them. This itself was the biggest breakthrough. Their research was bang on target. They knew exactly who to target.
  • Find: We were targeting a very specific audience in the Manufacturing industry. We waited for the right time because a major manufacturing trade shows were around the corner. We had time to identify the right people from the companies we wanted to approach. We built the database of the 311 people from those companies, who we knew were the decision makers. This is the grey part of the Hack.
  • Execute: On our part, the execution was flawless. The campaign went as per planned. We did not do a bulk email to 311 people. Instead, we did this in batches. We sent emails through Milkshake in batches of 10 so that we could learn more from the real customer. We iterated our message few time and reached the perfect copy in a while. How the follow-up email worked so well?
  • Connect: We started to send LinkedIn invites to people who opened our emails. Our customers recall rate went high and helped us build a much better relationship with them. That’s the reason more people replied to the follow-up email.

Why being grey-hat technique it is still not bad?

  • We were targeting the right audience and just wanted to reach them with the right intent.
  • We were offering exactly what they needed.
  • We never mailed people who did not respond to the campaign or refused to the proposition.

We repeated this hack with other industries and we have got our client good revenue.

Results: Reduced Cost/SQL by 600% and even more.

If you think your business needs innovative ways to acquire new customers. Contact us and we will help you find your business hack.