SEO Hack – How we got 300,000 organic traffic from Google in just 5 months?

This is a part of a very exciting project we did for a newly launched web based digital news portal.

SEO is really difficult to hack. It usually takes years to get to huge organic traffic.

Challenges were not easy in front of us. Website domain being very new, we had two important tasks at hand:

  1. Increase the Domain Authority to compete with established competitors.
  2. To get High-Authority backlinks quick.

Our research team noticed that there is a potential for a non-incentivized partnership with some companies. These companies were using certification and partner logos on their website.

That’s when we decided to launch a partner/certification program.

We managed to get around 275+ backlinks in first 60 days of the program. And why it was so effective?

The backlinks were related to the same industry/niche. Therefore, the relevance of the backlinks had a huge impact on the results.

When our team came up with this idea, we knew we can make it big. The only thing that we wanted to make sure was the execution is perfect.

We first decided to follow best search engine practices. Here is what we did to make sure the website is SEO ready:

  1. AMP Pages: To leverage the mobile opportunity, we made all the information pages in AMP. Amp pages can load instantly on mobile devices.
  2. On-Page Seo checks: We checked and fixed every page according to the Yoast SEO tool. Everything on the pages like meta tags, page content, title, images were done perfectly on the website. For every new page added we made sure that it passes the Yoast SEO checks.
  3. GTMetrix: Our website and mobile score on GTMetrix was completely optimized. The technical SEO team minified every CSS and java files. The images used on the page were minified using TinyPng. The team wanted no image more than 200KB to be uploaded to the website.
  4. Multiple Servers: We used multiple servers, and special server for the images to load from.

We wanted an ultra-fast website and optimized content for web and mobile users. The page load time for any page on the website was less than 2 secs.

About the SEO hack – How we managed to get 275+ backlinks from high-authority websites?

To get the SEO results fast we had to add on to the core business. We had to come up with a hack so that companies could give us a link back without any cost.

The Brilliant Idea: We Distributed Free Certification Logo to the Partner Companies.

We designed a certification program which was a very simple landing page with a value proposition for our partners.

We designed a certification logo that our partners could use on the website.

Additionally, we created a profile page for every partner with very basic content on it.

We had a list of 1700+ companies/websites that could be our potential partners. We email the companies and inform them about our partner program and the free certification. In the email, we also sent them the link of their profile page on our website.

We also asked the companies to send more content about their company to improve the profile page. Which they did.

This was another big winner for us. We got free content.

Yes, the companies wanted to see a better profile page on the website so they started to give us better content.

The partner companies also started to put the certification logos on their website. Some linked to our home page and some to their profile page.

For us, these were the backlinks.

We managed to get more than 80 backlinks from 40+ DA site.

We supported this hack with contextual links from the guest blogs and a lot of social media activity.

This push converted in very quick results on the google search engines.

Results: 300,000 visitors and $197,000 worth organic clicks from google in just 5 months

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