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The word ‘Webinar‘ might make you think of long-drawn-out presentations, formulaic sales pitches, educational jargon-loaded content, or a combination of all of them. But in reality, they are channels to connect with the target audience and deliver value through a real-time interactive experience. It works. It works to increase SaaS users.

But SaaS success doesn’t come easy. SaaS is one of the fastest-growing tech-markets across the globe. The best performing SaaS vendors have streamlined their onboarding processes by focusing on high-quality video Webinars to guide new users. They have leveraged Webinars as a powerful tool to grow SaaS products and users.

Webinars are not merely lead generation channels. They are an effective medium to engage with the existing and the new users, guide them about how they can extract the maximum value out of the product, boost retention, and establish your brand’s credibility and thought-leadership in your niche. 

There is more to Webinars than what meets the eye. Here are 7 ways Webinars can grow your SaaS users – 

1.  Webinar Establishes Authority with Your Audience

Be it websites, courses, blogs, and so much more to choose from; most prospective customers don’t care who you are. But a single well-produced webinar can prove your expertise in your niche and establish authority with your target audience

The online audience is seeking to consume relevant and valuable information. Creating content to genuinely contribute to the community’s benefit through highly interactive webinars provides higher levels of engagement. When people see and hear expert(s) and interact with them, it establishes a stronger connection. 

Before engaging in business with a company, prospects want to know the people behind the brand. Webinars make that tangibly possible in a digital world. The more they get to know the people you are, the more they trust your brand. 

Given a choice between two SaaS options with similar features and price points, customers will choose what they know and like more. Webinars engage your customers, establish your authority, and make them like your brand.


2. Webinars Facilitates Exclusive Exchange of Information

When the content of a webinar is filled with relevant, helpful, and exclusive information, it can signal value to your audience. It makes you quickly gain a reputation for holding unmissable webinars.

This is particularly worthwhile when using social proof to draw new attendees who eventually become your SaaS users.

It’s relevant to note that you cannot plan all opportunities to share exclusive information. Most are impromptu moments. As attendees ask questions during the webinar, you know what your audience is seeking and wants to know – that’s when you get to be the exclusive source of their answers. 

In terms of the exclusive information, you could share –

  • Live interviews with customers to demonstrate how they use and benefit from your SaaS; 
  • Roundtable discussion with influential industry leaders;
  • Tutorials of your SaaS integrates with other services
  • Brief information-packed ‘how to’ series to explain how to do a task related to your SaaS 

Introduce events, such as conferences, and your customers might be interested in attending.

3. Webinars Generate More Leads, Prospects & Revenue

Lead generation is one of the main reasons most companies start running webinars. The way you choose to use the webinars to your advantage depends on the end goal. Most SaaS companies utilize webinars with these three goals in mind –

  • Targeted Lead Generation

The power of the webinar is at the top of the sales funnel. There is nothing better than creating reusable content and generating new leads. Since registration is naturally a part of any webinar event, you may want to capture registrations and new leads seamlessly to scale up strategic partnerships. 

  • Demand Generation

You may already generate a lead flow from your resources, blog, videos, ebooks, case studies, etc. But you probably don’t have any resources to offer immediately for one-on-one sales demonstration to a new lead. By leveraging webinars and promoting them to your existing leads, engage with them and qualify them until they become hot prospects.

  • Customer Engagement

For a SaaS company to grow its revenue, it must focus on its existing customers. By reducing churn, SaaS companies can grow without attracting new customers. Webinars keep your customers active and engaged and teach them about your product in an interactive environment. For instance, Leadpages leverages the power of using webinars for customer engagement by running more than 15 webinars in a month.

4. Nurturing & Educating Leads

Webinars are instrumental in nurturing leads. Assuming that your leads are already aware of your brand, you need to educate them on why your offerings are the perfect solution to their problems. This can be done through video series, blog posts, email drip campaigns, and Webinars! 

30-minutes of their attention is all you need to convince the leads to take a closer look at your services. It can replace months of your lead nurturing efforts.

5. Webinars Create Reusable Content for Multiple Channels

It is overwhelming to create content for every marketing channel from scratch. You may need an entire team of content creators to create native content for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, your blog, podcast, YouTube, email, and more.

An easy growth hack to produce content for all of these channels is to create long-form content that can be repurposed for every platform without hiring an army of content creators.

For instance, you put together a 45-minute webinar with original content around a specific topic and deliver a ton of value to your leads, users, and customers. After the event, you can post the replay on your dedicated webinar channel or your blog. 

Further, you can chop up the webinar into 1-2 different videos ranging from 5-15 minutes and post them on various social media platforms. You can also further break down those videos into 30-second or 1-minute clips and post them. 

With this kind of content repurposing, a single webinar can become 5-10 pieces of content across various channels and ensure maximum reach.

SaaS companies can enjoy significant long-term growth through reusing content. It works both ways. You can repurpose website content, popular blog posts, or articles as webinar topics. Or use popular webinars as outlines for in-depth articles.

Creating such powerful content implies you can get thousands of potential SaaS users to your website and in your marketing funnel. 

Plan your webinar topics ahead of time so you can reuse them again and again.

6. Customers Engage in Business With SaaS They Trust – Webinars Develop Trust and Credibility

Flashy websites with vague promises are hard to trust. This is where businesses benefit from Webinars. With webinars, you can humanize your brand. Instead of dealing with an intangible entity, the prospective customer hears, sees, and interacts with another person. 

7. Industry Stakeholders Increase Brand Awareness

Interviewing industry leaders during your webinars helps you develop relationships with industry stakeholders. Not only will they get to know your brand, but they may also take an interest and promote the content to their audiences. 

The more valuable content you put out there, the more possibilities you create for people to pay attention to your brand. And webinars are a great combination of quality and format, considering how popular videos and interactive conversations are.

Key Takeaways – Connect with Real Humans & Build a Community

Your leads, users, and customers are actual people and not just numbers inside a CRM. As much as it is easy for you to forget them, it is easy for your customers to forget that your company is also made up of actual people. 

Building a community around your brand through webinars prevents it from being rendered faceless. It is an effective way to reduce churn and increase the success of your SaaS

Pro Tip: It is a lot harder for a customer to leave a brand that they feel connected to, a brand where they know people by name or recognize faces. Even if they do leave, they will be more likely to come back in the future.

Interacting with your Live audience during a webinar is more potent than any other form of content. It can, therefore, increase SaaS users by manifolds.