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About Us

Voxturr was initiated by passionate youngsters and has grown from a two-men-army operating out of an apartment in 2018 to a family of 20+ growth professionals in a span of 2 years. We are now an extended team of professionals in marketing and growth hacking with creativity and technological innovation with a key to achieving sustained business growth.

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What Is ‘Voxturr’?

Voxturr derives from an Icelandic term ‘vöxtur’ which means growth. The one that drives you to work harder, and be better and propel a growth mindset in individuals.

Voxturr is a community of young professionals who share knowledge and experiences to promote growth in each other and inspire others to keep growing.

To Infinity and Beyond

Maximizing growth remains our core strength, and helping businesses grow rapidly with innovation and creativity continues to be our winning combination.

Improvements in Voxturr’s tailor-made solutions continue to be part and parcel of our journey to help achieve exponential growth with data-driven results.

Digital Culture & Values

People Centered

Teamwork allows us to believe in youngsters’ growth potential and their ability to take your business growth ahead.

Tech Focused

We invest in new-age technologies to drive desired, significant digital results.


Our innovative, automated campaigns and out-of-the-box solutions increase the ROI of your business and add value to your customers.


With our data-driven approach and automated systems, we optimize the user experience.

Management Board

Manish Thilliani - Founder & CEO

Manish Tahillani

Founder & CEO

Gaurav Lakhani - Co-Founder

Gaurav Lakhani


Debra Carney - VP Marketing & Sales

Debra Carney

VP Marketing & Sales

Client Reviews

Voxturr has been taking care of our digital marketing services for more than 6 months and we have seen great growth in the last few months. They understand our challenges and work on solving them effectively. Would highly recommend them as marketing partners

Gaurav Sharma

CEO, Energy Dais

Voxturr is dedicated to finding business solutions and exploring all out of the box possibilities in finding ways to implement them. They are extremely hard working and always willing to take the extra step to reach the goals of their clients. Most importantly they listen, are friendly, and it is very apparent that they care about their clients’ success. Taking to heart the concept that their customers growth and the work that they do for their customers represents their own business success

Jarrad Connor

Consultant, Silicon Valley Insurance Accelerator


To extend our skilled teams, we don’t just look for experts with great technical backgrounds. We look for people with excellent soft skills, inquiring minds, and great aspiration for self-perfection and constant development.

Content Writing

Content Writer
Digital Marketing
SEO Analyst
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Reach out to us with your Growth Marketing project details – timeframes, scope, or business challenges you would like us to solve. Our team will assess them minutely and figure out a way to collaborate.

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Our Offices
Voxturr- USA Office


71 Stevenson St, San Francisco, CA 94105, United States

Voxturr- India Office


405, TowerB4, Spaze iTech Park, Sohna Road, Sector 49, Gurugram, Haryana – 122002

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