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The number of leads is not the answer for B2B marketing success. Identifying the right leads to focus on could save a huge amount of time and resources (and eventually the cost).

We follow the hyper-targeted approach by first fixing the sales funnel and defining the right audience that converts better. Once the audience is identified, we increase marketing channels and experiment more to fill the pipeline in the sales funnel. The goal is to lower the cost-per-acquisition of a client.

Our B2B Marketing Services

Sales Funnel
The first step to B2B marketing success is creating the right sales funnel. Building the right funnel helps to save a huge amount of time and resources and allows to focus on the potential customer.
SQL Generation
Winning strategy here is to find the quality leads over quantity. The ultimate goal is to find out the most effective marketing channels that generate Sales Qualified leads and increase ROI.
Paid Advertising
Paid advertising is one of the biggest marketing channels for the B2B lead generation. Marketing budget can quickly dry off if the paid marketing channels are not set up and optimized correctly.
Conversion Optimization
Testing and experimenting multiple versions of the landing pages is crucial to the business. Identifying the right message and page structure can improve conversions significantly.
Marketing Automation
Technology combine with marketing is the only success formula for company’s success today. In B2B marketing, personalized automated conversations can help win big clients.
Organic Growth
Organic Growth is the only way for a company to sustain long-term growth. Having an organic presence can not only contribute to the revenue but also improves brand presence.
Email Marketing
Most people believe Email Marketing is dead. The fact is email marketing has become more effective with technology getting better. Check out our client case study of a successful email campaign.
Copy and Content Writing
No brand exists today without content. Good copy and content win big clients. Established brands invest in Blogs, Videos, Whitepapers and other formats of content.
Social Media
Social Media presence is crucial whether a B2B company or a B2C company. LinkedIn and Twitter are not just brand building tools but also help get high-value leads.

How we differ from other B2B Marketing Agencies?


We believe that speed is the only way fuel rapid business growth. We experiment fast and effectively to learn more quickly. Our execution is our strength.


We follow agile marketing methodology. We strategize, execute, learn, iterate and scale the marketing campaigns. We do continuous innovation and experiment different marketing ideas for our clients.


Technology combined with marketing is the way to succeed the competitive market. We use advanced marketing tools so that our clients stay at the top of the game.

Our Clients

  • voxturr client Pepsico
  • voxturr client Snapdeal
  • voxturr client HCL
  • voxturr client michelin
  • voxturr client ANI
  • voxturr client future group

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