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Growth marketing is crucial for businesses in today’s digitally dominated world with expansion as the new challenge! A strong business model can only help you find a market, but staying up to date with industry trends and a growth strategy is what will keep you in the market. 

Consistent growth is an important part of every business’s long-term strategy today. The only effective way to achieve this goal is through effective strategizing and planning.

Customer acquisition and customer retention are usually the primary goals of any traditional marketing strategy. Growth marketing helps a business find effective ways to engage with customers throughout their customer lifecycle, instead of focusing only on acquisition.

Improved customer engagement will drive more visibility and more sales, and ultimately more customer loyalty. The best case scenario for every brand is when their customers become their brand ambassadors, their spokesperson!

What is Growth marketing?

Growth can have different meanings for different businesses. It may entail growing the customer base, growing the number of employees, or strengthening of alliances. Growth marketing is the next generation of marketing.

Growth agencies build on traditional marketing policies by including A/B testing, value-added content, data-driven email marketing, SEO optimization, innovative ad text, and advanced analytics to track every aspect of their user experience. Based on the tracking and results of these marketing strategies, businesses can create robust and sustained growth strategies.

What is the basic concept of growth marketing? This is a customer acquisition, customer engagement, and customer retention strategy that emphasizes continuous innovation and focuses on the motivation and preferences of your customers.

When you create and deliver highly targeted, personalized messages that align with your customers’ needs, you can accelerate your organisation’s growth across various channels, particularly those that are most important to them.

Traditional marketing is characterized by “set it and forget it” techniques that rely on burning up a predetermined budget and hoping for the best. For instance, consider Google Adwords and display advertising, along with some straightforward ad copy. These methods can effectively drive traffic to the top of the sales funnel, thereby increasing a company’s awareness or user acquisition, but their value diminishes after that.

On the other hand, growth marketing consultants often employ growth hacking tactics to experiment with new channels and strategies, incrementally refining their tests to identify the most effective way to maximise their marketing expenditure. Growth hackers were eager to employ a variety of novel experiments and continuous analysis to expand their user base at the lowest feasible cost rapidly.

Fast forward a decade, and growth marketing has moved beyond growth hacking’s “get-growth-quick” approaches. That is not to say that successful components of its ascension to prominence have been overlooked. Instead, it continues to draw on its roots in testing, experimentation, and expansion, applying these ideas to campaigns across the customer lifecycle.

People who work for these growth marketing consultants help businesses improve their performance and efficiency. They also help them get ahead by improving internal processes and finding new ways to make money.

Voxturr has an excellent team of growth hacking experts who use proven strategies and carry out implementation with new age solutions. 

Here are some primary steps covered in growth marketing solutions

This phase is all about the business diagnosis and needs analysis. First, the business growth consultant does extensive research to find out as much as possible about the business to provide relevant help. A set of questions are asked about the client’s target market, major competitors, business goals, and more.

These consultants can then move on to the next step of this project and develop a long-term plan of action. This plan will look at the business’s long-term goals, the tools and skills it needs to reach them, and the chances for improvement.

1. Training

The business growth consultant makes sure that the team at the company fully understands the new business strategies and the next steps they should take.

2. Action plan implementation

The clients follow the strategies and tactics that the consultant gave them. By keeping an eye on and supervising quickly, this phase will make sure that businesses are on the right track to meet their business goals and make a difference. 

The job isn’t done when the client does what the growth marketing consultants tell them to do. At this point, the clients and their consultants look at the project together to see how well the strategies they used worked.

If that isn’t enough, some consultants also provide continuing training and support and work with their clients for a long time when they need help with certain aspects of their businesses.

7 Questions to Ask Before Choosing A Growth Marketing Expert

1. Do they have the experience?

The most important part of securing a good job is getting experience. If your growth marketing consultant doesn’t understand your business and can’t figure out what you need, they won’t be able to make a big difference in your profits.

2. Is Internet marketing is their forte?

It’s important that your growth marketing consultants have expertise in digital marketing and know how to help your business. You might be able to find a digital expert who can help your business grow in new ways if you hire them. Modern marketing is all about attracting customers, not chasing them down.

3. What does their website copy look like?

The heart and soul of any website is the written content. It doesn’t matter how many flashy animations or design gimmicks you put on your website; an expertly written sales copy will always get you places!

4. How can I know them better?

LinkedIn has become the most important tool for B2B sales and recruiting today. It is an essential tool for finding new customers, looking for jobs and connecting with others. The same platform you can use to find your next growth marketing expert.

5. Try First. How was your experience?

When choosing a growth consultant, you must go beyond just looking for the best person to work with. It is important to find someone you share the same value system with and someone who really understands your vision for your business.

6. Do they have work samples?

Good marketers these days should have a blog and a free giveaway, or some other kind of free online content, to show off their skills. Content is not only a great way for a marketer to get leads, but it also lets potential customers get a good sense of their expertise and how they use the tools they have.

7. What is their expertise?

You need to know the expertise you need in your marketing consultant, before hiring them. People who work in marketing specialise in different areas, and they are good at different things, so before seeking one out, you need to know which specializations you’re looking for .

Key takeaways

Growth marketing is a relatively new discipline. As more firms realise that improving existing campaigns is a much more cost-effective and efficient than coming up with new ‘growth tactics’, growth hacking will become more useful.

So, when you’re looking for growth marketing consultants for your business, or considering one, keep in mind that real data collected from actual customers continue to be your best bet!

Voxturr is a go-to growth hacking expert with a dedicated team of growth experts tackle new age business problems with new age solutions!