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“Only 30 characters for the headline?”

“How come I cannot use the term ‘click’ when that’s precisely what I would like them to do!”

“I can’t fit all of my features and benefits here…”

Sounds familiar?

Well, yes! Writing a Google Ad copy can be highly frustrating because you need to fit your content and brand messaging into a tiny ad copy meant for a tiny space. And, to stand out from the other ads with whom you are sharing real estate, you will need to get creative with your Google Ad copy.

In this blog, we are going to look into some tried-and-tested methods and tips to write some fantastic Google Ad copies. It will not only help you in increasing your click-through rates, but it will also improve your quality scores and conversion rates.

Resonate With The Visitor’s Ultimate Goal

While looking for inspiration to write your Google Ad Copy, you will find that many of your competitors’ ads say the same thing because they are employing dynamic keyword insertion and bidding on similar keywords. 

But advertisers occasionally lose sight of what their clients want. You might also get lost in the crowd and lose sight of your goals while developing thoughts on your Google Ad copy. So, what can you do to stay focused on your creative copy?

Well, this is where we talk about ‘The End Goal.’ The end goal is what your consumers ultimately desire to achieve with your product or service. Understanding this can help you write a Google Ad copy that sticks out in a sea of DKI keywords. Your Google Ad copy should be particular, relevant, appealing, and powerful to reach potential customers effectively. 

Here are some tips for writing suitable Google Ad copies, as well as mistakes you can avoid.

  • Your Google Ad copy must highlight what makes you stand unique – free shipping? Spectacular variety? Tell everyone! Showcase the items, services, or deals that set you apart from the competition.
  • Include prices, promotions, and exclusives in your Google Ad copy – People frequently utilize Google to make purchasing decisions. Give them the desired information they need to make a decision. If you are offering a limited-time deal or carrying an exclusive product, be sure to mention it in your copy.
  • Are you selling something? – Empower your consumers to take action. Let people know what they can get. Do you provide a service? Tell them how they can get in touch with you. Purchase, call today, order, browse, join up, or request a quote are examples of calls to action in your Google Ad copy that clarifies the following actions.
  • Include at least one keyword in your Google Ad copy – Keywords in your ad text demonstrate how relevant it is to what people are looking for. If you used the keyword ‘buy digital cameras’ as an example, your ad headline might be ‘Buy Digital Cameras.’ Learn how to create the most effective keyword list.
  • Match your Google Ad copy to your landing page – Check the page you have linked to from your ad (the landing page) to see if the specials or products featured in your ad are available there. If people do not find what they are looking for on your website, they may abandon it.
  • Customers who view your advertisement on their mobile devices are more likely to want to know where you are or call you. With location extensions and call extensions, you may display your location and phone number. Consider generating a Google Ad copy just for mobile users, using the mobile version of your website as a landing page, and offering mobile-specific promotions. Keep in mind that on mobile, your text advertising may appear differently.
  • You must know how your website performs on mobile devices and how you can improve it quickly. 
  • Experiment – Create three to four Google Ad copies with mixed messages to determine which performs best for each ad group. Google Advertising dynamically rotates ads to show the best-performing ads more frequently. 

Use Countdown Timers To Trigger Loss Aversion

Did you know that the prospect of losing something motivates us more than the prospect of obtaining something?

Loss aversion is a well-known psychological phenomenon that can help you increase your Google Ads click-through and conversion rates. Thankfully, injecting a little FOMO into your marketing is not that difficult. Google has just released a simple countdown timer that you can use in your text advertising. You just need to add a little snippet inside your headline or description.

Your Google Ad copy will contain a real-time countdown when you choose the end date. Visitors who view your adverts will be motivated by their fear of losing money, providing an advantage over your competitors who are not adopting this strategy.

Make Your Advertisements Hyper-local

When developing Google Ad copy for your campaign, many advertisers want to target more than one city. Many companies even advertise on a national level. Even if you provide services worldwide, you want to make your potential consumers feel welcome and show them that support is just a phone call away.

You may already have an 800 number or a pool of 800 numbers that you utilize for all of your Google Ads call extensions and landing sites. However, did you realize that having phone numbers close to the visitor’s location might double your conversion rates?

So, how can you implement this to your Google ads?

By building geo-targeted Google Ads campaigns, you can customize your Google ad copy and call extensions to that exact area. The idea is to let your potential customers know that you are just around the corner with a helping hand.

Keep Your Adverts Up To Date

Have you ever felt that something is more relevant or exciting when it has recently happened?

Being current and contemporary is essential. What happened recently will attract more attention and interest than what happened three months ago. The same may be said for your Google advertisements.

Have you tried writing a Google Ad copy that states the number of consumers you served last month or this year as a test?

Put your heart to the test.

With your competitors thinking about 1000 things other than producing better ads, you now have the weapons to make your Google advertisements the most effective ad campaign in the world.