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In my previous blog, I mentioned how the algorithm of Instagram works. In this one, let us explore how you can make the Algorithms work in your favor.

If you want to outwit the complexity of Instagram, keep these two factors in your mind all the time for satisfying the algorithms’ requirement –

  1. Engagement
  2. Time

These two factors matter a lot! These two factors are what the Instagram algorithm wants from your profile.

Instagram favors the accounts that experiment on all the new features.

Instagram keeps on coming up with new features all the time, and all the pages must test and experiment with those features. Here are some of the features that you can use to your advantage –

1. Instagram Reels
Instareels is a new way of creating and discovering a short and entertaining video of people. Record a 15-second instareel with incredible music, effects, and creative tools by Instagram. You must post 3-4 reels every week to grow your page and see the difference.
2. Professional Dashboard
Do you get stuck in tracking your page? Don’t worry! A professional dashboard by Instagram is there for you. With the professional dashboard, you can find all the insights about –

  • Overall Account Performance
  • Instagram Insights
  • Promotions
  • Branded Content Approvals
  • Instagram Shopping
  • Saved Replies

But this is not enough. Instagram wants to give you more!
You can get tips and best practices for your Marketing.

3. Suggested Posts
Once you are done scrolling on your feed, Instagram starts showing you suggested posts of similar interest. How is it helpful? It makes it easier for you to find the relevant profiles. Engage with these posts, increase your visibility and reach.

4. Interactive Story Stickers
Instagram wants you to be as interactive as you can. It gives you unique interactive stickers that you can put in your story such as-

  • Donation Sticker
  • Challenge Sticker
  • DM Me Sticker
  • Stay Home Sticker
  • Food Order Sticker
  • Gift card Sticker
  • Support Small Business Sticker
    Think how you can fit them in your story wherever you can!

5. Posting On Multiple Accounts
This one is a time saver! But only if you decide to post the same content on other social media platforms. Just tick the boxes of accounts you want to publish the same content on.

6. Mention Notification
Instagram loves saving our time! This new feature gives you instant notification of the stories that tagged/mentioned you. Your tag/mention notification is not lost in the sea of notifications.

7. Create Story Templates
With the Create Mode, you can show off your creative skills on Instagram.
In this mode, you can combine the stickers, text, and drawing without any photo or video in the background.

8. IGTV Preview
As IGTV is the extended version of the video, you give a glimpse of it in your feed. To get more organic views, do share the preview in your feed.

9. Inbox Organizer
Instagram likes your space to be neat and organized. Therefore, they introduced 3 message tabs – Primary, General, and Requested messages help you organize your messages according to your preference.

10. Suggested Unfollow
Have you ever noticed the sudden fall in your followers? Or are you on the lookout for those pages which are less engaging and want to unfollow them? Instagram makes it easier for you by suggesting these accounts.

11. ALT text
You can call it a part of your account SEO!
By adding ALT Text, you can get a chance to rank higher on the specific keyword. Try it!

To wrap up, Instagram gives you all the opportunities to grow and be as creative as possible. But the features come with the responsibility – of Using Them – the right way and be Instagram’s Favorite.

With so many possibilities, you can grow your account!
All you need is a plan.